VMA Fitness & Zoom

Upcoming Sessions

You will now receive direct links in your booking order emails and in the My Bookings section of your account at the link below:

Zoom works best on a laptop or iPad. Phones will work but the screen maybe too small for you to see the instructor.

If you lose connection at any point please sign straight back in, we will happily get you back into the class. Please ensure you click “JOIN AUDIO” when entering the class.

We are unable to play music for the class so we suggest you have your own music playing at home as loud as you like (as long you can hear the instructor) from a different device to the one you are watching us on to keep you motivated and then ‘Mute’ your screen so that we can’t all hear it.

We suggest coming online about 15 mins before the class is due to begin and waiting in the virtual waiting room so that we can test that everyone can hear us and start promptly.

If you have any injuries new or ongoing that we need to know about please do contact us before the class either by email or text message to let us know on 07746533214.

Lastly, enjoy your session