Terms and Conditions


Your monthly fee will be paid on or around the same date each month, you will receive an email receipt when the payment is made. If you wish to change or cancel your payment it is our policy that you give us one months notice. If you are cancelling the payment then it is your responsibility to ensure the payment has been cancelled at your bank after the notice period. There will be no refunds if you fail to cancel your payment.


Once you have made your payment then you have committed for your child to attend for that term, if you decide to withdraw your child, we recommend that you continue until the end of that term, after giving us notice. There will be no refunds on a term fee.


Once you have purchased your sessions you will automatically be added to all of our fitness classes. On arrival to your class you will check in to the session using the iPad checking in system at the centre. Only those people with credits will be able to check in, those without credits will need to purchase them on the spot. Just before the class starts the instructor will double check all the check ins.


Once you have paid for the course, you will have guaranteed your place on the course, after the closing date there will be no refunds (usually one week before the course begins).


By registering and joining the online class you adhere to the following:

*Ensure that you are fit and healthy to exercise. VMA Fitness Centre will not be responsible for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our online classes.

*If any any point in the class you begin to feel faint/dizzy or unwell please stop immediately

*Please use good judgement and common sense when taking part, ensure you have enough space around you to complete the exercises with no obstructions and you won’t be disturbed with people/pets coming and going.

* Consider your own ability and choose the appropriate level of exercise for you. Rest when needed and take on water.

* Sessions will be recorded (instructor screen only), by registering you agree for the recording of the class